g149 | The Twist, the Bartender, the Teacher …. Luis!!!

Mariners 2 | Yankees 1

That was fun!
Yes, even thought the M’s are hopelessly out of contention this season, it’s always fun to beat the Yanks!

What a strange series…

  • The Yanks stomp all over Felix for the first time in … seems like ever!
  • Charlie pitches decently and gives them a great chance to win the second game but, the hitters strikeout 17 times and they lose by one run
  • Then tonight, Jason, who has struggled MIGHTILY vs. the Yanks, pitches like a charm, as does the bullpen, and they win it by one run in twelve innings despite another 10 strikeouts and 0-11 w/RISP

It was not only fun, it was really encouraging, in more ways than one.

Jason still using “the twist” (ala Felix/Bedard) and it appears to be working…
He threw a lot of pitches (101) for 6.2 innings but, he only allowed THREE hits and ONE run and struck out SIX.  Yep, I’d say it’s working.

And what about the ‘pen?!?   
Jamey and Brandon combine for 2.2 scoreless
Tom (the bartender) and Steve (the substitute teacher) combined for 3 HITLESS, scoreless innings (and Steve records his first major league win.

Some nice D all around the outfield – Trayvon, Michael, Ichiro all with some nice catches…


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OK, 0-11 w/RISP and 10 strikeouts doesn’t usually bode well for a win but…
And, how cool was it that Luis’s mom was in attendance watching her son for the first time “in person” in a major league game when he hit not only two doubles but a game-winning home run in the twelfth!