g150 | Three words for Blake’s outing … My Oh My

Mariners 4 | Rangers 0

And now, for something different, only SIX hits but, FOUR runs….
not a bad ratio (2-4 w/RISP).  The first three runs all scored with two outs (error, wild pitch and a bad hop on the 2B bag) as the M’s batted around for three runs in the 3rd. Casper added a solo homer in the 7th, and there you go!

It was nice to see the M’s defense outshine the Rangers….
(though Hamilton made a couple of outstanding catches in LF).  Seager made a super backhanded snare on a low liner and threw to Carp for the out at 1B.  Really nice DP turned in the 6th ~ Ryan-to-Ackley-to-Carp.  And, the last out in the 3rd was a little tapper up the 1B line that Miggy was able to field and throw to Carp just barely beating the runner.

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The real star of the night – was Mr. Blake Beavan…
holding the Rangers to only FOUR hits and ZERO walks and ZERO runs in EIGHT innings was pretty impressive.  Blake retired Rangers in order in FOUR different innings (1st, 2nd, 5th, 7th, 8th).  It would be great to see him finish strong with a good possibility to compete for the rotation next season.

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Though it wasn’t a save situation…
Brandon came in for the 9th and struck out the side to seal the victory.

There was a Kangaroo Court moment in the 3rd inning, Miggy headed to the dugout after only two outs…