The Good, The Surprising and The Hopeful ~ such is Spring…

bad, bad, blogger.

No real excuses for the lack of content, just busy with life.  And, maybe a bit depressed now that the realization has set in that I won’t be traveling southwest to watch our beloved M’s prepare for the season in the intimate setting that is the Peoria Sports Complex.  I have only been to ‘Zona three times for that purpose, the first was in 2004 – I vow right here, right now, that next season will be the first of an annual trek to the dessert in March.

Anyhoo ~

Some of the news from Peoria so far has been really good, some has been surprising and most, like spring itself, has been full of hope…

  • Going the other way on the scale is Smoak and expectations for him are high as he looking quite svelte and reportedly, not only learning to like vegetables but, turning down any form of carbohydrate he is offered in the clubhouse or out
  • There are some “new vets” in camp and Millwood is one who could make an impact on and off the field

And then, there’s the biggest news so far Figgins to bat lead-off and Ichiro to hit third…  

I admit that Figgins is one of very few M’s for which I not only have no love lost for, but have, at times, had outright contempt for.  It was teh whole falderal with Wak that killed it for me – whether that’s fair or not (I don’t think we know the whole story and maybe never will) the perception was one of a player who gave up even trying and was insubordinate to his manager when he was called on it.

But, I eventually forgave Freddy Garcia for turning his back on Dan Wilson, so, I guess I can give Figgy one last chance to redeem himself as a player and a person.  While I’m quite certain most fans won’t even cry crocodile tears, let alone real ones, for him – it is not out of the realm of possibility that various circumstances (position switches, line-up slot change, injuries, manager change, not to mention going from a perennial contender to a perennial loser and the whole “big contract pressure” gig) all bundled together over the past couple seasons could be legitimate factors in his performance free-fall.

The nuances of batting order are completely lost on me, other than the first three hitters usually getting one more AB in a game.  I fail to see how the order can make such a difference, since it’s different every inning after the first.  But, if Figgy has it in his mind that it makes a difference and, according to this he clearly does … why not try it?  There is nothing left to lose.

On a lighter note, the 2012 commercials are “in the can”… to be unveiled in mid-March 🙂