IS | game 3 and some other stuff

From the looks of the boxscore (courtesy “From the Corner of Edgar and Dave) looks like offense was the name of the game today…

a total of 20 hits and 9 runs 

So much for the pitchers being ahead of the hitters at this point (though they did only give up 3 walks)

  • Iwakuma had a rough “debut” – cruising through his first inning but unable to get out of the 2nd
  • Kelley’s line looks pretty messy too, thanks to Michael Saunders and his 3-run jack (also had a triple)
  • Vargas seems to be the furthest along, facing 12 batters through 3 full innings (4H – 1ER – 1K)

Besides Saunders’ really good day, other hitters who posted multiple hits: Catricala, Figgins and Chavez

Speaking of Saunders, apparently he had a REALLY good off-season and is REALLY motivated for the upcoming season.  Hard to listen to this podcast and not be encouraged and excited about the possibilities.

oh – and, Jesus had his first hit in “game action” of the spring – a ringing double off the LF fence!

Bad, bad news of the day revolves around Guti’s pec muscle (or there-abouts)

The first I heard of it was via this tweet from Shannon …

Looking for more info on Gutierrez, everything I am hearing sounds like shoulder. Attempted 2 throws from of to 3rd with nothing on them

My reaction was audible for anyone who happened to be walking by my cube at the time.

Then there were reports of Franklin returning but, awaiting results of an MRI.

Here’s the latest from Greg Johns |  Here’s hoping we get encouraging news tomorrow…

On a lighter note, look who’s back….

                       Larry Stone | Seattle Times