st1 | High FIVES in the Desert

Mariners 8 | Athletics 5


Here are the only two things I don’t line about Spring Training…

  • I’m usually not there
  • The typical daytime slot makes it tough to even follow the games during the week (especially when things go crazy at work – like today!)

So, I am left to wonder what it would have been like to see/hear the five bats that hit ’em long and high prior to the celebratory hand-to-hand high fives…

  • 2nd inning – Michael Saunders homered after Alex Liddi doubled
  • 4th inning – Carlos Peguero homered with Jesus Montero aboard
  • 5th inning – Luis Rodriguez homered to lead off the inning
  • 5th inning – Jesus Montero homered with Kyle Seager aboard
  • 8th inning – Johermyn Chaves homered with none aboard

So much for the pitchers being ahead of the hitters in the spring! 

I haven’t looked it up but, I would be shocked if the Mariners hit 5 homers in a week (heck, even a month) at any point last season, let alone one game.  Sure it’s only Spring Training but what fun!

On the down side…

There were a couple of errors (Jesus with a dropped pop-up and Martinez with a bad throw)

Jesus also had a passed ball and, worst of all, was Jesus was hit in the jaw – TWICE – and was pulled from the game after the second blow.  After the game, he was said to be shaken up a bit but, no reports of any breakage.

As for the pitching…

Of course it’s harder to ascertain what the pitching was really like from just the box score (especially in spring) but, the fact that most gave up only one or none in terms of ER (Jimenez the only one to give up 2) seems like a good sign.

Saunders making a strong, early case for the centerfield competition…

as Geoff Baker explains here.  And, Shannon goes into detail here, about his rather unconventional off season workout regime that seems to be paying early dividends.