st2 | Eleven good, Eleven bad

Mariners 2 | Athletics 9

one thing that jumps out from the box score besides the lack of hitting for the M’s and the proliferation of hitting for the A’s … each team recorded ELEVEN strikeouts

AP Photo/Charlie Riedel)

Spring flings…

  • Noesi’s two inning outing, despite two walks, included no-hits and no earned runs and two strikeouts
  • Peguero’s solo shot (his second in as many games) accounted for one of the two runs
  • Ackley’s run was the other that came after a walk and a steal
  • 2 double-plays, both recorded as: Catracala to Franklin to Jaso

Spring opportunities…

  • Figgy, Ackley and Ichiro (the new 1-2-3) were hitless in their combined 7 AB’s
  • Lack of hits, in general
  • Lack of strikes thrown, in general, despite only 4 combined walks (but then, who knows what each pitcher was working on – such is spring)

Spring remembrances…