st15 | some good, some bad but, all-in-all coming along…

Mariners 5 | Giants 7

Erasmo has an ERA now after giving up a single and a double in the first but, otherwise pitched well.

After a nice 1-2-3 5th inning, Kuo fails to execute on the DP and in the end it costs him a 2-run home run

Sherrill had a bit of a rough time as well…

although the defense behind him was none too crisp.  There were at least three plays that should have been made but weren’t and he ended up allowing three runs in his one inning of work (not TOO concerned about George though, I seem to remember his poor springs being legendary).

BUT, then in the 8th Vinnie recorded a web-gem!

Awesome snare of a line drive and a strong throw  j  u  s  t  getting the runner at 1B

One of the lowest hit totals in a spring game thus far but, nice hit-to-run ratio 🙂