four and a half hours till first pitch….

I really want to take a nap, so I will be all fresh and rested for every pitch, every at bat.  Trouble is … I’m not tired!  Not at the moment anyway.  Hoping I’ll be able to doze for an hour or so at some point prior to first pitch.

In the meantime, here are some links with news and notes of the last couple of days – in Japan and here at home…

Guti and Moore start the season on the 15-day DL

Shannon Drayer shares the “clinic trip” with photos

Larry’ Stone talks about young hitters who hold promise but wonders if the pitching can hold out

Greg Johns says Felix still looking to improve

Carp and Ackley at the US Embassy…

(thanks, Shannon Drayer!)

This one is worth re-posting – it’s such a great shot!

(thanks, M’s twit pic)

and, some pre-game tweets…

Opening Day Japan just a few short hours away. Here we go 2012! Wishing all my teammates good health and best of luck this year.

@shawnkelley23@BrandonLeague43 good luck today. Pulling for y’all

Ladies and gentlemen, we’re 12 hours away from the first pitch of the #OpeningSeries. How are you planning to watch the game?

@Mariners I will try to nap around 11pm and have the alarm and coffee pot set for 2am. Can nap after the game too, since I took the day off!

@CompassRosy A fan with a plan. We like it.