g2 | scarce as hen’s teeth

Mariners 1 | Athletics 4

Yes, one of Dave Niehau’s favorite phrases could very aptly apply to the M’s offense in general but, it could also apply to…

1) the fact that every run in the game was scored via the long ball, and

2) the fact that it happened in a game between the M’s and the A’s

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Unfortunately, the M’s only had 1of the 4 total home runs…
(Justin’s first of the season) and it was of the solo variety. A pattern seems to be forming (ok – only two doesn’t really make a pattern but, it’s hard to set aside last year’s experience) where a good to great starting pitching performance is not justly rewarded.  Jason Vargas pitched 6+ and gave up two hits and two walks and one run (aboard via a walk that scored when Kelley gave up a homer in relief of Jason) at one point retiring 14 of 15 batters.

‘t was definitely not the bullpen’s night…
Larry Stone tweeted that Sherrill faced 81 lefties last year and gave up ONE homer and this year gave up a homer to the first lefty he faced.

It wasn’t exactly a steller night for the O either….
Only THREE hits but, good to see Montero get his first M’s hit, breaking up the no-hitter in the 5th

And, look at this – SEVEN walks – definitely should have scored more than ONE run.

But, they came away with a split…
which, apparently, is how every MLB season opening series in Japan (this being the 4th) has ended up.

Now, back to Zona…
for some jet-lag recuperation and last bit of tuning up before their “next” opener – in Oakland one week from Friday.