g3 | Happy 35th Birthday, Mariners!

Mariners 7 | Athletics 3

Here’s a stat for you…

There are TWELVE names on the M’s Opening Day roster that had never graced one previously – including SEVEN rookies. Yes, Virginia, there is rebuilding in Seattle.

Sure, it’s only one game but, if this is just an example of what the O is capable of, it could at least be a fun and interesting summer, DESPITE of, or maybe BECAUSE of, the youth.

~ 2 at the top ~ 6/9 with 3rbi and 2r
~ 2 in the middle ~ 3/8 with 3rbi
~ 2 at the bottom ~ 4/7 with 4r

The combination of some nice hitting by the M’s and some sloppy defense by the A’s equated to FOUR runs in the 3rd and eventually…

13 hits + 7 runs = 1 WIN

And, look at Figgy go!

3 hits – 2 rbi – 1 run – 1 sb (including a squeeze play!)

Now THAT is the Figgy we remember in Angel red – nice day at that new lead-off office!

As for the pitching
normally not an after-thought, but you’ll have to forgive the attention to the novelty that is Mariners offense ;-)…
~ Jason wasn’t as sharp as his start in Tokyo yet he managed to get the win, go figure.
~ Delabar was awesome, posting 1.2 scoreless with a couple of K’s
~ Wilhelmsen had an adventurous inning, allowing a run on 3 singles and getting K’s on his last 2 battersOh, and there was a little hub-bub on the broadcast (Krueger dubbing him a “slider speed bat) regarding the fact that Cespedes seemed to stand and admire his 462 foot homer off Jason just a bit too long. M’s had the last self-admiration though since they not only got the win but saw Cespedes strike out in his next two ABs vs. Delabar and Wilhelmsen 🙂