g5 | debuts all over the Arlington mound

Mariners 5 | Rangers 11

*Yu – major league debut
*Hector – Mariners debut
*Erasmo – major league debut

M’s had the much-hyped Yu Darvish on the ropes in the top of the first…
4 hits + a wild pitch + 3 walks (one of the bases loaded variety)  = 4 M’s runs

AP Photo

Unfortunately, the M’s defense let him off the ropes in the bottom of the first…
Brendon Ryan’s muff of a DP (that would have allowed Noesi to escape the inning unharmed, despite walking the first two batters) proved to be the beginning of the end – you just never know how momentum can shift (or carry over) on things like an inning-ending DP.

Poor Hector…
3.0IP – 6H – 7ER – 3BB – 3K
Arlington. Not exactly the friendliest of confines in which to make your Mariners starting debut.(although, that is exactly where Michael Pineda made his and also took the loss, but faired a bit better)And, when your defense lets you down, it’s even tougher.

good on ya, Erasmo!  
there’s certainly no shame in giving up a solo shot (the only non-multi-run homer hit) to Josh Hamilton.aside from that, Mr. Ramirez pitched well in his 3 innings of work, including 3 strikeouts.

the M’s O was firing and then fizzled…
after 6 hits, 3 walks and 5 runs in the first two inningsthey only managed 4 singles and 1 walk the rest of the way

We won’t even go into George Sherrill’s outing…
I thought once the switch flipped from ST to the regular season, he was usually light’s out (apparently, someone forgot to flip the switch for him)

and the Rangers, they just did what they do…
hit it high and hit it hard.