g9 | Baseball came home, the Mariners could not…

Mariners 0 | Athletics 4

I have grown accustom to the fabulous pomp followed by the disappointing circumstance that has been Mariners Opening Day in recent years. So, I’ll concentrate on the lead-up as, unfortunately, it was the best part.

First of all, the weather could not have been better!
OK, it was a little chilly at game time but, I’ve felt WAY colder openers in Seattle. Nice that the guys who haven’t been here before got to see that it’s not always dark and dreary in the Emerald City.

my view from the train on my way to work
market shot on some errand running
yep – of COURSE I was sporting my M’s jersey at work

A new tradition begins…
For over a dozen years (only missing the year 2000) my mother-in-law has been my Opening Day date. She didn’t feel up to it this year so, my dad was my date. He and I have attended many games together but, this was his first ever M’s Opener! We met at our usual spot (The Glove) although should have met at The ‘Pen, as that’s where we headed to get some food (yummy crepes – his turkey, mine beef!). It took awhile to wade through the sea of people (one disadvantage of a sold out game) from the Glove, to the ‘Pen to our seats in section 344 but, we made it in plenty of time to eat before “the pomp” started.

Happy Opening Day!

The ceremony of it all…
Of course the red carpet introductions are always fun – especially for those who have never experienced it – players and fans alike (13 players running on the red carpet for the first time and Dad said, “It’s just like football!”)

Mune’s just a little excited! | AP photo
 Ichiro still having fun after all these years… | AP photo
our view from section 344
Wish Wedge had this smile AFTER the game | AP photo

The tears flowed…
during the moment of silence for Frank Mattox and Greg Halman

Awesome National Anthem by a twelve-year-old…

Anna Graceman from Juneau, Alaska | AP photo
our view from section 344

Special guest and new retiree…
We had known, since it was announced weeks ago, that Mike Cameron would be throwing out the first pitch. What most didn’t know until after the pitch was thrown (unless you follow the M’s on twitter) is that, earlier in the day, Cammy signed a one-day contract with the M’s so he could rightly, officially, retire as a Seattle Mariner. Awesome. (video here)

Mariners tweet…
Cammy: “My memories and my time here were a joy both on the field and with my family. I am pleased to make this happen.”#MarinersHomeOpener
Cammy entering from CF | AP photo
Surprise at 2B
This actually happened between innings early in the game but, was a very touching moment. The “Steal-a-Base Contest” is typically only on Sundays during the season but, always a part of Opening Day. A kid runs out from CF to pick up the 2B bag and runs back with it as a souvenir. I’m always amazed at how fast they run, especially on the way back (some of the kids aren’t much bigger than the base they are carrying – it must be pretty heavy!). Anyway, the base-stealer last night was surprised by the fact that the “umpire” that came over to assist him was … his dad – a Sargent just back from his third tour of duty in Afganistan!

stealing the base | AP photo
the realization | AP photo

As for the game…
I don’t have the energy and maybe that was the M’s problem as well. True the Athletics also went to Japan but, at least they have been home since then. Not an excuse but, definitely a contributor and though there was a buzz early on, the adrenaline seemed to fade.

Felix started out on fire…
needing only 9 pitches to get 3 outs (2 via K which made the thongs in King’s Court very happy!). The rest of the way, Felix was far from dominating but, getting through 7 innings (when at one point his pitch count was such that it seemed unlikely he’d get through 5) and allowing only 2 runs was certainly kept them in the game.

AP photo

The bullpen, on the other hand, did not keep up their end of the bargain…
allowing 2 runs in their combined 2 innings of work

Charlie after giving up the solo shot to Weeks | AP photo

Weeks quickly becoming as much of a pest as  FIggy was as an Angel | AP  photo

The defense made some nice plays…
including 2 double plays and a nice running catch by Ichiro that Felix appreciated.

AP photo
AP photo

And the offense?
well – 3 singles sort of says it all. But, good to see that one of the hits belonged to Jesus (his 7th straight game with a hit – just a matter of time…). I’d say that Bartolo has their number but, they hit him pretty hard in Oakland so, that’s not really it.

It will be interesting to see the line up tomorrow.
In the meantime, we enjoyed the sunset over Elliott Bay…

view from the outer concourse as I was getting my hot chocolate
more view