g10 | a little taste of things to come?

Mariners 4 | Athletics 0

Seems ‘t was the Hector & Jesus show!

Nice pairing for Jesus’s first time behind home plate at home.

I was lucky to see the homer live (on TV) but unlucky in that social obligations prevented me from seeing the rest of the game (thank heavens for ‘condensed game’ on At Bat!)

It all starts with the starter ~ and Hector dazzled..

105p – 8ip – 5h – 0er – 1bb – 6k

of the 16 fly balls, NINE were pop-up caught by infielders and FIVE were flys caught by outfielders

His manager gave him high praise…

”Hector did a great job of mixing all of his pitches, of using all of his pitches,” Seattle manager Eric Wedge said. ”He did a nice job when he was ahead but he did a nice job when he was behind, too. He was a complete pitcher out there.”

Stephen Brashear | Getty Images

Jesus was pretty darned dazzling himself…

recording his first two extra base hits as a Mariner:  a solo shot to straight away center field in the 2nd inning and a 2-run double in the 6th. Even he was impressed…

”It was cool. It was exciting for me to hit a home run in this field. It’s a huge field,” Montero said. ”I was impressed.”

Stephen Brashear | Getty Images

Stephen Brashear | Getty Images

the rest of the offense was less than impressive with only SIX total hits but, some nice ratios…

~ 3 of the 6 hits were for extra bases:  Jesus with the homer and the double and Ackley with a double that, apparently was pretty impressive as well

@Mariners: Dustin Ackley just crushed a double off the right field wall. Seriously, we’re suprised the wall is still standing. #Power 

~ all but one (Wells) who had hits also scored (and, at least Wells got that first hit)

the D had it pretty east, with all the pop-ups but…

Liddi-Ackley-Smoak turned a nifty DP on Cespedes to end the 4th

Stephen Brashear | Getty Images