g13 | Vargas and the, unlikely, power bats!

Mariners 4 | Indians 1

Viva La Vargas!

Elaine Thompson | AP photo

Talk about being ON…
Jason was s l i g h t l y better than first game he pitched vs. the Tribe last season 🙂
He went SEVEN, allowed only ONE run on FOUR hits, walked THREE and struck out SEVEN and escaped a bases-loaded one out jam in the 4th. Not too shabby, especially considering that coming into this game, the Indians had the highest scoring offense in the majors.

Short of a complete game, things were set up just as you’d write it up…
The Bartender in for the 8th struck out TWO
BLT in the 9th = FIVE 4 FIVE

And, how ’bout the POWER SHOW?!?
~ on the 8th pitch of the game… Figgy goes yard!
~ and, not to be out done… Ichiro solo shot too!
~ Seager added a double to the XB total tonight

A bit of a strange lineup…
Smoak was out with a minor leg issue so Ackley borrowed a 1B glove from Liddi and Kawasaki was at 2B

All the production came from the top of the lineup … 
1 thru 4 each with one

There was a base-running blunder but….
nice, hard slide to break up a DP that put a smile on Figgy’s face…

Otto Grule | Getty Images

and speaking of smiles, I don’t think I’ve ever seen Munenori without one…

Otto Grule | Getty Images

on as exMariner note…
quite the pitcher’s duel in SanFran tonight – Cain went the full NINE but Cliff Lee went TEN
(and neither got the win)

Ezra Shaw | Getty Images

and, on a totally unrelated note…
R.I.P. Dick Clark