g18 | M’s have bats… who knew?

Mariners 7 | Tigers 4

dang 4pm starts. I was only able to follow this one late and then in only bits and pieces…
~ I silently cheered on the train on the way home when Liddi homered
~ I held my breath as I descended the escalator at the station as Young’s long, loud out vs. The Bartender (with TWO on and NO out) descended into Ichrio’s glove up against the right field wall
~ I sighed with huge relief as The Bartender got out of his own jam by K’ing the last two batters as I drove out of the Park ‘n’ Ride
~ I let out a little “woot!” while awaiting my take out order at Ivar’s when Ichiro stole 3B in the 9th
~ I let out a double “woot!!” when I got into the car just as Saunder’s doubled Ichi home for a little insurance run (even though Wells was out at the plate)
~ And then, an audible, “Yes!” when Brandon notched his 6th save just as I was leaving the dollar store

But, I’ll certainly take a great win that I’m not able to witness over a loss that I don’t miss a pitch for 🙂

Some fun facts…

FIFTEEN hits ~ they had SEVENTEEN in the entire series with the White Sox

SEVEN runs ~ the same amount they scored in the White Sox series

Montero, Seager, Liddi and Saunders all had multiple hits and at least one RBI

M’s only have 9 SB’s (even with tonight’s 2) but, 2 are of 3B (be nice to see them running more!)

Delebar’s been an “every other inning guy” so far this season (one good, one bad) so this is the first time he’s had back-to-back scoreless appearances (he walked one batter but, it was his first of the season)

Nice way to begin the road trip…
Happy Felix Day, tomorrow!