g22 | one grand slam deserves another

Mariners 0 | Blue Jays 7

What a difference a day makes…
The grand slam giveth (yesterday) and the grand slam taketh away (today)

oh, and of course Morrow picks today to increase his strikeout rate…
by a LOT! That, or the M’s just cooled off – likely a combination of both


bright side…

  • old man Millwood hung in there on a day when he really needed to due to paper thin BP
  • young guy Seager picked up where he left off after sitting for three days – 2/3 with a double
  • continued good fielding overall on the turf – another DP and outfield assist from Figgy
Brad White | Getty Images

Jays looking rather “Bad News Bearish” on their own field…
I’m not sure if this is typical but, we have seen some pretty serious fielding miscues by the Jays. Miggy was safe on a pop-up for which there was extreme miscommunication when the second baseman knocked the first baseman (who was standing underneath it) out of the way in a failed attempt to get the pop-up. That left runners at 1B and 3B with only one out. Unfortunately, the M’s weren’t able to capitalize as the did multiple times last night.

Let’s take the series!