g24 | pitching duel fizzles for guys in grey

Mariners 2 | Rays 3

Still feeling for Felix…
another EIGHT innings ONE run FIVE hits (ok – so the FOUR walks weren’t great)
at least this was a ND instead of a loss

THE GOOD (Felix doesn’t count, cuz he was excellent)
Tommy B for two
a line out to start the 9th and a weird single (in which Miggy was injured and has to leave the game, Montero gets behind the dish and the M’s lose the DH because Jaso had already pinch hit for Ryan and was then replaced in the field by Kawasaki who ran for Seager who was replaced at 3B by Liddi – but I digress) and then a DP to end it
~ with one out in the 10th he walked a batter who then advanced on an wild pitch but was able to get the next two hitters

Miggy’s homer to take the early lead and Jesus’s homer to break the late tie

Chris O’Meara | AP

BLT for a rare two…
He was far from sharp in the 11th when a lead off double comes around to score, tying the game at TWO and in the 12th, a walk and a couple of singles and that’s all she wrote.

No lack of hits w/RISP, just plain lack of RISP

The two homers were great, trouble is the other NINE hits were all singles (maybe you just tip your cap to Hellickson?)
Miggy’s groin injury (he heard a “pop”). It comes just as his bat is heating up (EIGHT game hitting streak and his 3rd home of this road trip). From the post game show, DL sounds certain. It will be interesting to see what becomes of the catcher position …. Jesus? Jaso? combination? other?

EDIT: here’s Greg John’s story

Chris O’Meara | AP

Saunders bunted with a runner on 3B and one out and Kawasaki was thrown out at the plate.
Wedge said in the post game that Michael had done it on his own and had already been “spoken to”

Wedge was surprisingly up beat (considering the loss and the loss of his catcher)…
He seemed pleased that they were in it till the end and liked a lot of what he saw, even though there were mistakes. You could tell he felt he was seeing progress… “they are right on the cusp”