g25 | the battery of Hector and Jesus

Mariners 1 | Rays 3

Hector seemed to be in an ‘every other inning’ groove….
With a very rough 1st and a so-so 3rd thinning and an easy sail through both the 2nd and 4th
But then, he broke the pattern and breezed through the 5th and, retired 9 of the last 10 batters he faced.
Nice goin’, Hector!

J. Meric | Getty Images

3 singles (including a 404 footer) and a double (but where-oh-where are the base runners?!?)
He does like to hit when he catches … and, with Miggy’s DL stint, he’ll be doing a lot more of that.

As Michael sauntered up to the plate…
I was thinking, I’ll bet he wants a little redemption (a do over of sorts for his bunt blunder last night) and, before I even completed my thought … LAUNCH!!!


J.Meric | Getty Images

They made Matt Moore work and got their share of hits (out hit the Rays, in fact,9 to 3)
just way less than their share of runs (now ZERO for THIRTY w/RISP in the last FOUR games)

nice diving grab and throw by Alex in the 4th
PB for Jesus (first pitch from Luetge in relief) but overall nice job in his first as primary C

btw ~ Welcome back, Mike Carp!