g34 | rare Felix fail in da Bronx

Mariners 2 | Yankees 6

‘t was a promising start…
Ackley’s first career lead-off homer seemed like a good omen for the rest of the game.
But, the lead was short-lived, as the Yanks tied things up in the bottom of the 1st via a couple of singles and a steal.
then, nothing much happened until the 6th…
when Jesus provided then next good omen – an “oppo boppo” (as Larry Stone put it) and smiles abounded in the visitors dugout. Then, once again, the Yanks came back almost immediately in the bottom of the frame – this time via a 3-run shot off the bat of Raul Ibanez on a sinker that didn’t sink (as Geoff Baker reports).
definitely NOT a Happy Felix Day…
but even a “bad”‘ Felix is oodles better than your average bear.
But, when you consider he gave up the same amount of runs (4) and allowed HALF the amount of hits (11) in less than SEVEN innings tonight that he had in his previous FIVE games – Felix was not King tonight.
the bright side…
the homers from Dustin and Jesus
Justin’s THREE-hit night – that was REALLY good to see
Jesus behind the dish (other than the SB)Hector vs. Hughes tomorrow.