g35 | only moral victories here…

Mariners 2 | Yankees 6

Totally missed the game due to some early Mother’s Day celebration, so I won’t go into much detail, just mention a couple of moral victories that, one day, will help translate to actual victories…

Hector hung in and there
After an extremely rough 2nd inning, he made some necessary adjustments and, with the exception of “Mariner-Killer, Raul Ibanez” was able to pretty much shut them down for another 5 innings – retiring d 9 of the last 10 batters he faced.

Offense hit and miss
~ Ackley continues to improve in the lead-off spot – he’s had at least one hit per game (2 yesterday) since being ensconced there
~ Carp is starting to come ’round, with a homer and and “almost homer” (called back after reply and changed to a double)
~ Smoak followed up yesterday’s three-hit game with one hit … baby steps
~ Jaso needs runners on …. BA w/empty bases = .200 BA w/runners on = .364