g36 | Millwood, Casper, Justin and the DEE

Mariners 6 | Yankees 2

(funny, that was the score of the first two games – only this time, the GOOD guys got SIX!)

DEE first
cuz it was so darned spectacular and was what enabled Millwood to have his first outstanding outing
~ nice running catch by Wells in the 2nd to nab a ball in the LF corner (more about him later…)
~ a sliding save by Saunders in the 8th to keep a double to a single
~ THREE double plays (TWO of the inning-ending variety, ONE with the bases loaded!)

Casper was having a DAY!!!
fun to see Casper get a chance to play in his “old stomping grounds” (he is from and we’ll forgive him his Yankee-fandom – this time…
~ nice running catch near the LF wall (as previously mentioned)
~ 2-run homer in the 6th to give the M’s a 4-1 lead (and he blew a kiss to his mom in the stands)
~ participated in ALL THREE put-outs in the 9th – two fly balls and an assist at 3B when Swisher tried to stretch a double into a triple (Swisher looked safe on the reply but, we’ll take it – it’s not like the Y’s never catch a break)

as for Old Man Millwood
Amazing how when he limits the big inning damage, he’s successful 🙂
Millwood’s final line 7IP – 3H – 2ER – 4BB – 6K
I think we’d take that every day and twice on Sunday!
OK, he could improve the walks (the only runs the Yanks scored were via bases-loaded walks)

I was thinking how it was great to see that Millwood and Montero seemed to make made the necessary adjustments to get on the same page for this game, considering their last game in Seattle (a 4-6 loss to the Tiggers) they weren’t even in the same book, and then I heard Millwood on the post game show confirm it. After he said he felt his success was from changing speeds, moving the ball and keeping it on the ground, he also gave credit to his defense (“…not everyone can turn that” – referring to Brendan’s DP on Jeter’s grounder) as well as his catcher.  Millwood said that he and Montero talked after that last game and that they also both spoke with pitching coach Carl Willis. Millwood said, “I don’t feel like I should have to call pitches from the mound and I didn’t call pitches today he did a much better job and got locked in there for awhile” 

It’s a process and obvious that progress is being made on that process.

The BP did just enough through their two innings
Wlihelmson, Luegte, Delebar, Charlie and League combined for 3H – 2H – 1ER – 2BB – 2K

Gotta feel great for Justin
His homer today and his 6/12 series should be a real confidence builder

On the flip side, Brendan has to be so frustrated right now
he can’t do ANYTHING with the bat, yet he does EVERYTHING with the glove
he did put up a good AB in the 9th working the count full (including a deep foul) and drawing a walk after getting behind 1-2

Off to BeanTown!