g39 | a very UNhappy Felix Day

Mariners 3 | Indians 9

Felix said in the post game he wasn’t going to talk about it again, so I won’t rehash it here. Nor will I enumerate the entirely too many coachable, learning moments that Montero endured in just one inning, let alone the entire game. I’ll let Greg Johns give you the gory details.

Aside from the battery performance, the other bad news is that the M’s only had SIX hits.
The good news is, Ackley and Saunders had FIVE of them (including Ackley’s third homer of the season). And, then there was Iwakuma – he continues to provide a valuable service of mopping up after sloppy starts and saving the bullpen – a role that tends to go under appreciated.

Hey, Jamie Moyer made some more history tonight…

#MLBTonight@Rockies pitcher Jamie Moyer became the oldest player in MLB history by 155 days to record an RBI after his single in the 4th.