g40 | ‘t was in their grasp…

Mariners 5 | Indians 6 in 11

and the bullpen blew it to smithereens.

For whatever reason, I can accept and deal with
offensive futility or, even the occasional starter
meltdown, so much easier than the heartbreak of a
bullpen blowup (especially when it happens
TWICE in ONE game).

I can honestly say I’m glad I was unable to watch, or even listen, to this one – it was truly heart-breaking

Noesi pitched well against a good team… 
he deserved so much better.

The bats came around  j u s t  enough…
only 8 hits but 3 were doubles and they posted 2 SB and 7BB (though Ichi was 0/6 – ouch!)

Three of the Five BP guys posted scoreless outings… 
Luetge (allowed an IR), Wilhelmsen and Furbush

The M’s scored their first run in the 3rd and kept adding on, at one point leading 4-0… 
Luetge allowed an inherited runner to score after taking over for Noesi in the 7th but, the lead seemed safe. Enter Delabar, and the FIRST blown save via a walk, a double and a 3-run shot to our old pal Jose Lopez – they would head to extras. The M’s scored first, in the 11th on a clutch RBI double by Michael Saunders (doing quite well in the 2-hole, btw). Enter League, and the SECOND blown save via THREE walks, a wild pitch and TWO singles. It was Brandon’s THRID blown save of the season (his SECOND vs. the Tribe). The others were BOTH stellar Felix starts. Here’s hoping BLT has met his meltdown quota for the season.

This was, by FAR, the toughest loss of the road trip.

Maybe the M’s have better results as they move in a westerly direction.
Next stop, Colorado (darn, looks like they’ll miss Jamie – too bad that would have been fun).