g41 | veteran battery, youthful bats

Mariners 4 | Rockies 0

whodathunk that the M’s first CG this season would be ala Kevin Millwood?!?
and a shutout to boot! and in Colorado?
Kevin seems to thrive on stiff competition, on the road (in Texas, in New York, in Colorado)
9IP – 2H – 1BB – 7K
good on ya, Kevin!

Huge for the bullpen to get some much needed rest.

the offense coming through…
only EIGHT hits but ONE double (Jaso), TWO triples (Saunders and Seager) and ONE homer (Carp)

Jack Dempsey | AP

the defense looking more like the defense I’ve come to know and love…
~ outfield assist from Saunder swas On.The.Money. to Seager at 3B

Jack Dempsey | AP

~ nice running catch for Carp
~ super great play by Seager for the second out in the 9th, he backed up KM who valiantly dove for it