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Mariners 6 | Rockies 4

M’s were cruising through this one until the 9th inning, when League decided to make it a little too interesting. Thankfully, he got the job done in the end but, not without a legion of M’s fans needing copious amounts of Tums to get through it. After the game, he would explain that while a homer and three singles in the 9th with a FOUR run lead was not the optimal result – he did feel like he made progress from his work with Willis and Navarro. Here’s hoping…

David Zalubowski | AP

OK, nuf of that, on to the really GOOD stuff…
SIX runs on NINE hits, including TWO doubles, ONE triple and THREE home runs
I think we’d take that extra-base to hit ratio any day and TWICE on Sunday (and hey, it’s Sunday!)

the first inning more or less set the tone….
Ackley led off with a double and then after 2-outs, Seager walked, started a delayed steal that, along with a bad throw from the catcher, allowed Ackley to score.  Montero then walked and Smoak came through with an RBI single.

Montero parlayed his 2-day rest into production for the second straight day…
batting fifth today and going 1/3 with a walk and a 2-run shot

Justin Edmonds | Getty Images

Smoak continued his hot-hitting…
back-to-back homer w/Jesus and an RBI single

Saunders didn’t produce, but…
had a couple really hard hit balls – j u s t missed a homer and hit an at ’em ball to the 2Bman

Carp with his second homer of the series

And, last, but not at ALL least, the pitching performances…
Blake was pretty stellar 5IP – 7H – 2ER – 1BB – 7K
even helped his cause a bit by executing a sac bunt in his second ever major league AB and recorded a HUGE strikeout of Todd Helton with two aboard in the 5th. It was curious that Wedge took him out after that inning (since he’d only thrown 82 pitches) but, it worked.

Justin Edmonds | Getty Images

Kelly, Furbush and Wilhelmsen followed up with a combined THREE scoreless innings (1H – 0BB – 5K). And then it was BLTT (Brandon League Tums Time)

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This is just a really cool shot …
I love how Ryan is all blurry and Ichiro and the bull pen chair are crystal clear…

Justin Edmonds | Getty Images

ok – home again, home again, lickety split!
M’s have played 28 road games compared to only 15 at home