g44 | take that – Yu!

Mariners 6 | Rangers 1

So glad I decided to go (Felix vs. Yu – how could I NOT?!?)

I sat near some Texas fans on the train on the way to The Safe – a couple with young kids and another young man. They apparently didn’t know one another but, from what I gathered from their conversation, were all from Texas finding themselves living in Seattle. The couple had been to Safeco Field before and were giving the other gentleman who had not been there, a glowing description of it. It also was nice to hear all of them appreciating (and even sort of rooting for) our young players. I guess mostly because they have “been there, done that” and can relate 🙂

Sweet turn-around, buckle-down for Felix…
But, we’ve come to expect nothing less – especially when he comes off a rare, rough outing.
He was in command tonight: 8IP – 6H – 1ER – 2BB – 7K

Otto Greule, Jr | Getty Images

The lone run he allowed was a solo shot in the 8th and the only other extra base hit a double in the third. King’s Court was rocking, thoroughly enjoying each and every one of the SEVEN strikeouts (most especially the TWO of Josh Hamilton – who, by the way, they sang Happy Birthday to 😉 )

Kevin P. Casey | AP

Wilhelmsen came in to finish things off…
fly out, strike out, ground out

Interesting offense tonight, knocked Darvish out after 97 pitches in just FOUR innings…

Kevin P. Casey | AP

Rare to record more walks (7) than hits (5) but they’ll take the runs (6) anyway they can!
Saunders walked and scored the FIRST run in the 1st inning when Ichiro “tripled” – the ball stuck between the track and the wall, otherwise it would have been just a double. In the 3rd, Ichiro plated the SECOND run in what started out a bit more conventionally – a single to center field. But, Hamilton’s throwing error allowed Ichiro to get to 3B (again) and the other runner to score the THIRD run. Jesus then got Ichiro home on a sac-fly for the FOURTH run. Then came the 4th inning when Darvish walked the bases-loaded and Ackley hit an RBI single for the M’s FIFTH run. The SIXTH run came via a Seager walk and a Montero double in the 7th

Kevin P. Casey | AP


Otto Greule, Jr | Getty Images

Shout out to the D…
TWO inning-ending double plays (2nd, 8th)

So good to have them home, if only for a week…
Shannon mentioned on the post game that it was a particularly tough road trip, not so much the fact of the four cities or even the tough competition but, the day-night travel was the killer. No doubt the guys are glad to be home and sleeping in their own bed. And, she posted this fun tweet….

Noesi and Iwakuma “talking” at their lockers. Noesi using Google translate on laptop, Iwakuma Japaese program on his phone. =Mariners

Some other interesting factoids from the post game show…
~17-6 when scoring 4+
~ 3-18 when scoring 3-