g48 | broken hearts at The Safe

Mariners 4 | Angels 6

Blake had a nice outing and deserved to win…
no shame in giving one up to Pujols, especially when he was really the only one that had anything going against either Blake or Tom.

League, was another matter…
a hit, a walk and a throwing error and it was essentially over.


In general, the offense was better…
of course coming off ZERO walks and FOURTEEN strikeouts, how could it not be better?
But, only ONE of the 7 walks tonight scored – they had the bases loaded TWICE in the first inning and only scored ONCE. I remember thinking at the time, please take advantage of this like you did in the second game against Yu Darvish, don’t let it slip away like in the first game against him. I hate it when I have dire premonitions.

bright spot?
Justin Smoak recorded all FOUR RBI ~ including a 2-run Smoak-bomb

Elaine Thompson | AP