g51 | arlington argh

Mariners 2 | Rangers 4

Another close one vs. the Rangers.

Millwood was effective, though not very efficient…
took him 100 pitches to get through FIVE innings but, he only gave up ONE run – a solo shot to Cruz

Delabar’s 5+ scoreless streak ended with a 3-run shot to Napoli…
thus becoming the leader in homers given up by a reliever

Ryan continued his stellar field play and added an RBI triple…
unfortunately, Brendan (and 3B coach Datz) were a bit to confident that it could be stretched into an inside-the-parker (granted, the Rangers had to execute a perfect relay – and they did)

Ricky Yeatts | Getty Images

Montero singled to RIGHT, twice!
once driving in the game’s first run
he also threw out a would-be base-stealer
but wasn’t very happy after popping up in the 8th

Brandon Wade | AP

gotta score more than two runs when in Arlington but, baby steps…
at least there was no heartbreak at the end
but, there was heart and hustle
and hey – League had a clean inning