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Mariners 10 | Rangers 3

Who ARE these guys??

stringing together hit after hit after hit to score EIGHT runs in ONE inning?!?

let me just copy/paste from Yahoo! because it was such a beautiful thing…

– J. Jaso singled to right, K. Seager scored, J. Smoak to second
– B. Ryan safe at first on shortstop E. Andrus’ fielding error, J. Smoak scored, J. Jaso to third, M. Saunders to second
– D. Ackley singled to shallow right, J. Jaso scored, M. Saunders to third, B. Ryan to second
– M. Carp singled to right, M. Saunders scored, B. Ryan to third, D. Ackley to second
– I. Suzuki hit sacrifice fly to shallow right center, B. Ryan scored
– D. Ackley scored, C. Figgins to third on wild pitch

Ackley, Seager, Jaso and Saunders all with multiple hit nights (Jaso with a 2-run homer to get things started in the 2nd)

Yes, their were some Ranger errors and miscues but, taking advantage of those is all part of the game.
There were also some pretty fancy plays on the M’s side of the ledger, like this DP with the bases loaded and only one out… video
I’m thinking Mr. Ryan et al, may have been treated to a nice Texas steak dinner by Mr. Vargas 🙂

Seriously though, Vargas pitched very well ….
SIX+ innings and only THREE runs (a 3-run shot by Hamilton) on FIVE hits
pretty outstanding line against this powerhouse – well done, Jason!

and the BP of Kelley, Luetge and Wilhelmsen added TWO+ scoreless

If they can take the series tomorrow, it’s a great start to the road trip, as series win AND a season series tie with the R’s … stranger things have happened, right?