g56 | M’s “Saled” today

Mariners 2 | White Sox 4

Not quite “Humbered” but, the M’s were sure “Saled” today…
gotta tip your cap to the youngster – he was terrific, as he has been for the Sox all season (last month’s AL Pitcher of the Month, as a matter of fact). The only O mustered came from Olivo’s 2-run homer in the 2nd (which, by the way, was the longest homer by an opponent in USWC Field since 2004)

Jonathan Daniel | Getty Images

“old man Millwood” was somewhat less than stellar today…
FIVE walks and a hit batter to go along with the SEVEN hits but, it could have been SO much worse than the FOUR runs in the FOUR innings – Kevin definitely limited damage

AWESOME job by the ‘pen…
Pryor + Luetge + Kelley = FOUR scoreless innings, struck out FOUR, TWO hits, TWO walks
Good to see Stephen get right out there again
Lucas continues to sport a 0.00ERA
Shawn was the only one NOT to pitch yesterday and he gets TWO K’s in the 8th