g59 | series win in the land of Disney

Mariners 8 | Angels 6

Not Hector’s best effort…
things tend not to go well when you give up more walks (5) than hits (4) like allowing more runs (6) than either and, all in only FOUR innings (and another homer on an 0-2 pitch!)

But, what are teams for? but, to pick one another up, of course!
And, the bullpen did just that – going FIVE scoreless innings in relief of Hector
with The Bartender recording his second career save.

Stephan Dunn | Getty Images

Of course the smoking O “pitched-in” a bit as well…
~ all EIGHT runs came with TWO outs
~ Saunders continued his torrid run with another THREE hits and TWO runs
~ Ichiro popped his THIRD homer of the trip
~ Seager and Carp both had TWO run doubles (each after getting the green light 3-0)

Day off at home and then…
the Dodgers, the Padres and the Giants come to town