g61 | Jerry Hairston day

Mariners 3 | Dodgers 8

I guess the Dodgers decided to make up for their no-hitter all in one day…
from NO hits to FOURTEEN hits and EIGHT runs

Good news is: Dodgers only had THREE extra base hits
Bad news is: they ALL counted (Hairston with FIVE rbi on ONE homer and TWO doubles)

Good news is: M’s had 50% extra base hits
Bad news is: they only had FOUR total hits (ONE double, Jesus, ONE homer, Miggy)

Kinda worried about Kelley…
seems to be on the “every other outing plan, giving up runs every other time out
(runs in outing since May 27th: 1, 0, 3, 0, 2, 0, 2)

Rubber game tomorrow: Beavan vs. Billingsley