g64 | prevention = A OK, production = not so much

Mariners 0 | Padres 1

This will be short and not very sweet…

Noesi ~ solid outing of 7 full innings, 5 hits, 3 walks, 5 strikeouts and only 1 run – a SOLO shot
Infield ~ TWO nice DP’s (including a 5-2-3 to end the 9th with the bases-loaded)
Montero ~ threw Amarista out trying to steal 2B TWICE! And, he had THREE of the EIGHT hits

Elaine Thompson | AP Photo

EIGHT hits and FOUR walks but… only ONE double and ZERO runs
0/9 with RISP … argh! so frustrating after they were getting hits w/RISP in their SLEEP on the road

a thousand words…

Elaine Thompson | AP Photo

despite the loss, Jesus was REALLY happy for his pitcher in the post game interview and REALLY excited about their improvement together.