g67 | Timmy comes home and so do M’s … FINALLY!

Mariners 7 | Giants 4

Millwood’s first start since leaving in the SIXTH during the No-No-No-No-No-No…
Definitely a different performance (gave up NINE hits in FIVE innings after NO hits in SIX) but, he battled and kept ’em in it, kept ’em close enough.

Another STELLAR performance by the pen…
Iwakuma + Furbush + Wilhelmsen = FOUR innings of scoreless relief
In fact, they didn’t give up a single hit. walked only ONE and struck out FIVE

John Froschauer | AP Photo

And, finally, what we’ve been waiting not-so-patiently for, some OFFENSE!

A little bit of everything…
TWO solo shots by Casper and Jesus in the first inning gave the M’s the early lead.

Otto Greule, Jr | Getty Images


John Froschauer | AP Photo

Then in the 5th…
small ball nets them a couple of runs (to tie the game) when they record a couple of singles, a walk, a bunt and take advantage of a wild pitch

And in the 6th…
they would “single them to death” – FIVE singles nets them THREE more runs

John Froschauer | AP Photo

Chance to win the series tomorrow …
going with my Dad and our record is pretty good on Father’s Day!