g69 | hey, it’s the road guys … where’s the win?

Mariners 1 | Diamondbacks 7

ah Hector…
took a couple of steps forward in his last start but, a few steps backward tonight.
He’s still got a lot to learn. Apparently, not as much about pitching as about determination, focus and reverence for the game… Shannon’s blog

“When it comes to being a big-league starter, and this is a guy we feel like can be that for a long time once he gets more consistent, you have to bring it 30 to 35 times,” Wedge said. “And you aren’t going to always have your best stuff but you have to have a strong base to work off to give yourself a chance to win.”

It is a matter of mindset and focus, both in game and in preparation. I think we have seen a lapse in both from time to time. It is not a matter of fixing a pitch or a mechanic. He has those. Wedge is looking for more in focus and aggressiveness particularly when he gets into 0-2 counts. Noesi better find it quickly or he could soon hear Danny Hultzen’s footsteps sneaking up behind him.

In the post game, Shannon also mentioned that Hector and Jesus were “clowning around” before the game (something, she noted, that veterans like Felix or Millwood would never do). She also pointed out that in interviews with both players after their last start together (a 0-1 loss to the Padres) you would have never known the team lost because they were so happy about their individual performances. Maybe time for one of the vets to have a little heart-to-heart…

I mean, I’m all for them having fun (heck, one of the M’s most revered players was known as much for his love and respect of the game as his talent) but, they need to remember that their job is work, even though it’s called play, and that comes first and foremost.

Kelley gave up his usual (of late) earned run

The real surprise of the night was ~ Oliver Perez…
He goes 1.1 giving up a hit, a walk and recording a strikeout but hitting 95 regularly with his sinker!

The O had their share of hits…
9 total, including doubles by Wells and Guti, but they just couldn’t string ’em together

Maybe tomorrow they’ll remember they are on the road 😉