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Mariners 0 | Red Sox 5

Wedge said it all after the game

“We were horrible tonight,” Wedge said. “We just stunk up the joint tonight. Nothing more to say. An 80-pitch complete game? Not taking anything away from that guy, but you can’t make it that easy for him.” 

“It was just brutal.” 

When a media member asked Wedge whether he’d have liked to see his team go the other way with some of the sinkers Cook was throwing, Wedge gave a “Duh!” look, eyes bulging. 

“Yeah, it’s obvious,” he said. “Hell, it’s obvious to you (media) guys, it should be obvious to those guys. It’s a step back today for me offensively and that’s hard as hell to do with the way we’ve been swinging the bats at home.” 

“I’m tired of watching it,” Wedge said. “I’m patient and I believe that nine times out of 10 you’re rewarded with patience. But there also has to be a sense of urgency with every player in that room. And you’ve got to be able to walk that line. Amd we’ve got too many people not doing it right now. We’ve got maybe a couple, or three guys swinging the bat OK right now and that’s it. Out of what? Thirteen or whatever it is? 

“We just stunk up the joint tonight offensively.” 

And he’s not ready to let it carry on forever. He warned tonight that some players may see their stints with the club shortened if this continues. 

“We’re going to figure this thing out,” Wedge said. “We’re going to hit at home like we hit on the road. We’re not there yet. We’re not even close yet. But it will happen. 

“Whether it’s the same guys in the room or not, that’s yet to be determined,” he added. 

“That’s up t them, But they’re not getting it done now. And I’m tired of all the bulls–t with Safeco and everything. They’ve got to take full responsibility. 

“As I do for not getting them to where they need to be here offensively just yet. That’s my job, the coaches’ job. But rest assured, we’ll get them there. It’s up to them whether they want to be a part of it or not.”