g88 | too little, too late … once again

Mariners 2 | Rangers 3

Millwood scattered hits (he gave up 8 of the Rangers 9 total) but kept them in it.
The bp, as per usual of late, was great.

Holland, as per usual (except for that 21-run salute back in May) had them stymied – giving up only FOUR hits over SEVEN plus innings. The M’s had SEVEN hits to the Rangers NINE – trouble was, TWO of theirs were for extra bases and NONE of the M’s hits were.

The rally was good to see but, a convergence of mis-cues on a Saunders grounder that flummoxed Michael Young accounted for only one run scoring with two outs, instead of two runs scoring with only one out. You can’t assume that if one play is executed differently that the rest of the game would play out the same but, had Smoak and Datz been confident that he would score (which, in hind sight, they both agree he would have) then Jaso would have been the one to score on the subsequent wild pitch and the result, at worst, would have been extries.

woulda, coulda, shoulda.

M’s have a 5-6 record in the season series with the Rangers, but have outscored them by 59-45. Granted, the 21-run rout skews those totals but, even if you remove it from the equation, the M’s are hanging with them scoring 38 to the Rangers 37….

in M’s losses to the Rangers – one by 6, three by 2 and two by 1
in M’s wins over the Rangers – one by 13, one by 7, one by 5, one by 2, one by 1

M’s re-signed David Pauley…
he joined the Rainiers today.