g90 | wOe is O at hOme…

Mariners 0 | Rangers 4

Wedge mentioned in his post game that he felt progress was made, but luck was hard. There were several hard hit “at ’em” balls and only a couple strikeouts. Baby steps.

And, it’s not like they were up against some schlub.

but, riddle me this batman… what’s more impressive?
Felix shutting out the Rangers
Harrison shutting out the M’s

thought so 🙂

How ’bout that bullpen?!?
They held the Rangers scoreless for the ENTIRE series.
Today’s version: FOUR combined innings from Delebar, Furbush, League and Wilhelmsen

Iwakuma didn’t have a super stellar outing but, all things considered (like the fact that they are still stretching him out to start AND he was up against one of the toughest lineups in baseball) he did OK.

And now off to KC and Tampa Bay they go.
Here’s hoping their road warrior bats continue to be effective and their starting arms step it up.

All that said…

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