g92 | NINE … again!

Mariners 9 | Royals 6

Loving the extra base hits (SEVEN) to hits (FOURTEEN) ratio

Loving that it is mostly the young ones that have been struggling…
-Smoak with his second homer is as many games
-Ackley with a triple
-Saunders with a double and a homer
-Montero, Seager and Ryan all with doubles

Orlin Wagner | AP Photo

Beavan wasn’t exactly stellar in his first start back from AAA…
he allowed his share of XBH (2 doubles, 2 triples – what IS it with this park in triples anyway? 4 in two games!) but, no walks. And, two of the runs he was charged with were of the inherited variety. In any case, he got the win.

The bullpen, as a whole, hasn’t been as lights out as they were at home…
but, Lucas and Tom were both awesome tonight!

oh, and two more DP’s!