Welcome to the Hall, Big Unit and Dan the Man!

The M’s know how to do “pomp and circumstance”…
The ceremony for Randy Johnson and Dan Wilson was fabulous!

The M’s photos are better (and from a better vantage point) than mine but, I’m sure glad I was in attendance. It was great to relive the awesome careers of these great Mariners and remember how much they meant to the entire community, let alone the team. Here’s the M’s video as well.

Fun Fact:
the Mariners were 75-29 (.721 winning percentage) with the battery of Johnson and Wilson

Congratulations, Randy and Dan
on your well-deserved induction into the Seattle Mariners Hall of Fame
My favorite quotes from the ceremony…

“To my wife, Annie – there is no me without you. I knew that in the 3rd grade when we met and it is still true today.” –Dan Wilson

“I had a bad haircut, I could throw really hard but, I couldn’t throw strikes.” –Randy Johnson

These quotes were from the luncheon…

“Nobody knows how much I love this city except my wife.”–Randy Johnson

“I had no problem throwing a ball in the dirt with the winning run on 3rd. I know Dan would catch it.”