g108 | too much CC

Mariners 3 | Yankees 6

In this 7th meeting between the two teams this season, it’s the first time the M’s have faced CC
Thank goodness – sheesh!
The good news: the M’s hit TWO homers (Casper in the 4th and Dustin in the 9th)

The bad news: the M’s only mustered THREE total hits.

After the game, Wedge said about CC, “I think he beats anyone tonight.”
He also gave some praise to his own guys though, “We didn’t give at bats away today.”

Millwood threw a lot of pitches (109 in 6 innings) but kept ’em in it till the 6th when he gave up the 2-run homer to Chavez – which could have been, but was not, called fan interference.

Larry Stone ‏@StoneLarryThames said the Chavez homer hit a fan’s glove, then his, otherwise he would have caught it.

Carter Capps made his major league debut in the 7th…
Despite throwing SIX 100/101mph pitches (of 12 total) he gave up a hit to Martin, a walk to Granderson and then Jeter laid down a sac bunt. Unfortunately, Perez replaced Capps and allowed a couple of singles to Cano and Ibanez and both of Carter’s runners scored.

Ichiro continued his hitting streak…
He has exactly one hit in each of his 10 games with the Yanks so far and zero walks, zero strikeouts.
Still so strange to see…

courtesy ESPN.com