g110 Series win streak ends at TWO

Mariners 2 | Yankees 6

With the defensive alignment skewed due to Carp leaving to be with his wife and newborn baby and Ryan out with the sore elbow, the defense was shaky to say the least, not to mention the adverse effect on the offense to have two of the hottest hitters (yes, that includes Ryan!) out of the lineup.

They had a chance to get to Freddy in the 1st….
but he was able to limit the damage (3 of the M’s paltry 5 hits were in the first inning). The M’s also walked 4 times vs. Freddy (5 total) but were unable to take advantage of the free passes.

good Jesus: 2 rbi singles (vs. a rightie!)
bad Jesus: running thru the stop sign at 3B to become meat at the plate for the third out and a PB
poor Trayvon: THREE a’ em balls
poor Saunders: with that sun, you know someone was going to get a “sun double”

Interesting stat was referred to during the game, so I took a closer look…
M’s have played 73 of their 110 games vs. +.500 competion
Meanwhile, TEX, OAK and LAA have played 57, 59, 66 repectively
So, all things considered, including the crazy travel and the extremely unbalanced home/road schedule in the first half, this young team has faired that bad.

On to Baltimore…via the train, apparently.
What fun – I love the train and it is my “retirement plan” to visit every major league ballpark via rail 🙂