g114 | Trout vs. Felix and the M’s

Mariners 5 | Angels 6

Felix with a 5-0 lead after the M’s 3rd – but every pitcher has his nemesis…
WIN in the bag, right?

  • He’s 52-3 with a 5-run or more lead
  • He’s only given up FIVE extra base hits in the last TEN starts
  • He’s only given up ONE homer in the past 145.1 innings

WRONG. Not when it’s against the Halos.

  • Felix’s .375 career winning percentage vs. the Halos is his worst vs. the AL
  • Felix’s 3.85 career ERA is his second worst vs. the AL

And, doesn’t help when the M’s are uncharacteristically poor in the field AND running the bases.

Two-run fly ball?  
bases loaded with one out and Thames makes a great catch on a fly ball but not a great throw (or catch by Ryan) and the runner from 2B also scores.

Bases loaded with one out in a tie game in the bottom of the 9th…
you figure chances are the Halos are going to come up with a run – ugly that it had to be on a wild pitch. Not really sure why Kinney was the one in there…

And so, the jubilation of multi-run homers by Ackley and Jaso is over-shadowed by an ugly loss.

Seven in-a-row seems so long ago…