g116 | Viva la Vargas and Montero Mash ~ what a battery!

Mariners 4 | Angels 1

Lots to love ’bout Jason’s performance today…
-EFFICIENT – only 96 pitches to get through 8.1 innings
-EFFECTIVE – at one point, retired 13 in-a-row and faced the minimum in FIVE innings
-the only negative “EFF” was in the 3rd when he loaded the bases on scattered singles but got out of it via a strikeout of Kendrick.

And then there was the other side of the battery who provided most of the O…
Jesus with not ONE but TWO homers!
Good for THREE of the FOUR runs!
AND off a right-hander AND, not just your average rightie, we’re talkin’ Jared freaking Weaver!
In fact, TWELVE of Jesus’s last THIRTEEN hits have been off righties. Pro-gress.

Reed Saxon | AP

A bit of a switch-er-roo in the bottom of the SIXTH…
when one of the patented “Carp stretches” – that always looks painful – actually was. Figgy pinch hit for Mike (and got a hit!) and then stayed in the game at 3B, Seager moved to 2B and Ackley shifted to 1B. Later, Chone hit an RBI triple scoring Jaso (who had walked) to give the M’s the 4-1 lead that would hold up for Jason’s THIRTEENTH victory and the “new daddy” Bartender’s SIXTEENTH save.

KEY dp in the 8th…
even with the defensive switch – Seager to Ryan to Ackley