g121 | 9th inning wins are fun (especially in person!)

Mariners 3 | Twins 2

Kind of an odd game – but certainly a fun one to be at!
lots of hits, from both sides, but not a lot of runs for either.

Vargas didn’t have it all working but, he hung in and settled for the ND…
scattering 8 hits and allowing only 2 runs

Lots of mixin’ and matchin’ with the bullpen – but in the end, they got it done.

Great to see…
the THREE hits from Ackley
the DOUBLE and the HOMER from Smoak
the TWO hits and TWO runs from Saunders

Otto Greule Jr. | Getty Images

And, the TWELFTH game-winning hit fo the season!
(and yes, Eric returned the favor!)

John Froschauer | AP