g122 | SWEEP complete!

Mariners 5 | Twins 1

I’m not a huge horse racing fan and, I hardly ever win. Could be because of my super-secret handicapping prowess – I pick the horses based on any combination of their names, their number, their odds and the jockey’s silks 😉 Anyhoo, I was at Emerald Downs today for the 77th running of the Longacres Mile with hubby and several friends. It was a fun afternoon (and I actually won a few bets this time!).

I was keeping one eye on my AtBat app, of course.

Beavan only made it through FIVE, but he also only gave up ONE run.

The bullpen had a rather interesting line…
they combined for 3.2 innings and gave up FOUR walks but, ZERO runs and ZERO hits

Despite grounding into THREE dp’s, the O did more than enough….
nice to see Ackley with another couple of hits, Thames with three and Saunders with a 2-run shot!