g126 | ENcouragement outweighs DIScouragement

Mariners 8 | White Sox 9

I hate this whole time zone thing…
first, the game was 2/3 over by the time I got home from work. Since it seemed out of reach, I decided to watch the remainder of the Seahawks game (which had started at the same time, since they were in KC). Yeah, it’s only pre-season but, Russell Wilson was starting.

Anyhoo, I had one eye on AtBat the entire time.
~ When Jesus led off the 9th with a homer I thought, “too little, too late – but, good for him.”
~ When the bases were loaded via a walk, a double and a walk I thought. “hmmm… maybe we should switch the channel – no, don’t wanna jinx it.”
~ When Dustin singled to drive in Justin and Trayvon I though, “man, this is really getting interesting!”
~ When Kyle hit a sac-fly to bring the score to within one I thought, “wow – they really are a spunky little bunch, aren’t they?!?”
~ When John stepped to the plate I thought, “holy cow – they just might do this!”
~ When one crossed the plate to tie and the second to take the lead – I didn’t think anymore – I just picked up the remote and finally changed the channel.

So, I apologize, it’s all my fault..
If I’d just stuck with the Hawks maybe Saunders and Thames wouldn’t have collided. Better yet, maybe Tom would’ve struck out the side instead of blowing his third save of the season. The pen had been stellar during the 8-game streak (and, in fact, had only given up two runs – and that was LAST Friday!) Anyway, it’s OK – blame me.

Seriously though…
my disappointment in the late loss is WAY over-shadowed by my encouragement in the late rally.
Even in a loss, this young team is learning how to win.

It’s a process.
A slow, pain-staking, frustrating, arduous process.
But, it’s working.