g128 | of falderal and rain delays and some fun in Everett

Mariners 3 | White Sox 4

‘t was raining cats and dogs in ChiTown…
So what else is new? I swear it rains more there than in Seattle – get a friggin’ roof!

Anyhoo, the M’s took an early lead on a Jesus Montero infield single (four words not often written consecutively) in the first inning. Then they lost the lead. Then it rained. Then they took the lead again on a Casper Wells 2-run home run. Then it rained some more – enough for a 6 minute delay. Then the WS took the lead. Then it rained a lot more – enough for a nearly 2 hour delay, after which the game was finally called. buuuuu-mmer.

Meanwhile, I had fun in Everett…
Aqua Sox 5 | Bears 2

Free program and reusable bag!
the lineup
Everett Memorial Baseball Stadium
really yummy dog!
daughter and dad 🙂
view from our “over the dugout” seats!
Oh say can you see?
Unsworth earned his 7th victory
Unsworth after his last inning
Littlewood right before hit hit a 2-run shot to put the Sox up 3-2


Frogs Win!!!
Cool touch at the headquarters