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Mariners 1 | Angels 9

hooo-eee …
Have to say I’m glad that I missed this one due to a social engagement (literally – attended an engagement party for one of my daughter’s best friends!)

It’s been rare this season that ALL phases (pitching, hitting AND defense) have been SUBpar in a single game. Unfortunately, this was one of those games.

Obviously, lack of hitting has been a constant refrain in the losses. Sometimes the blame was with the starters, a few time with the ‘pen, seldom the defense. Last night’s game was one of the rare ones where NOTHING was working (hitting, pitching OR defense). Here’s the breakdown of the 20 losses since the All Star Break….

* 9 by ONE run (OAK, TEX, KCR, BAL, MIN LAA, all three CHW)
* 1 by TWO runs (BAL)
* 5 by THREE runs (OAK, TEX, NYY 3x)
* 2 by FOUR runs (TEX, NYY)
= 17 games lost by a total of 32 runs

* 1 by SEVEN runs (BAL)
* 1 by EIGHT runs (LAA)
* 1 by TEN runs (MIN)
= 3 games by a total of 25 runs

Not sure what, if anything, it means, but there you go.

Onward and upward to Felix Day tomorrow.