g147 | series loss in Arlington

Mariners 1 | Rangers 2

OK – I admit it – I didn’t see/hear one single pitch/play of this game…
Between the rain delay and the fact that the Seahawks were playing the Cowboys in their home opener, I was otherwise distracted 🙂

(AWESOME Seahawks victory over the ‘boys, by the way! )

Despite taking the loss, looks like Blake Beavan definitely pitched well enough to win…
giving up SEVEN hits (including a solo shot and an RBI double) and only ONE walk in SEVEN innings

Jim Cowsert | AP

The bad news on the offense was that they only had SIX hits and ONE walk
The good news is that the ONE run came via a solo shot by Justin Smoak (his 16th – a carrer high) and his second in as many games … showing a little lately.

The bullpen got a (much needed) rest…
Capps was the only reliever used (on the road trip, four and five relievers has been more the rule) and he needed only TEN pitches to retire all THREE batters he faced.